Alaska Steelhead Fishing

Our Alaska fishing lodge offers spectacular runs of Alaska Steelhead in the Spring Months.

The best months for Steelhead fishing on the island are April and May, but a few fall run fish can be found throughout the winter in some of the larger streams. The majority of steelhead runs on the island are small and number less than 200 returning adults annually. We also have native runs of Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, and Dolly Vardon in the streams and lakes of the island. We offer anglers an opportunity to try their hand at Fly Fishing for these fish or you can use conventional fishing tackle.

Prince Of Wales Island has more than 85 documented streams that help to make our Alaska fishing lodge an angler’s paradise. There are about 8 major river systems that you have access to by road but every little stream holds fish. There are over 1,600 miles of road giving access to much of the island's waterways. We offer guided steelhead trips though Renton River Adventures, or un-guided fishing trips. We will do whatever it takes to make your Alaska fishing trip a memorable experience. Come join us for your next Alaska Steelhead fishing trip.