Our Boats & Equipment

Our lodge is outfitted with 11 fully custom 24’ aluminum RX Boats. Each boat is outfitted with 300 Yamahas. These boats were designed specifically for our mooching style of fishing. They are very comfortable with fully enclosed and heated cabins, and a spacious deck for your party and professional guide. We update our fishing equipment annually, keeping it up to date with the best gear out there.

Boat Names (All of the Fireweed Lodge Fleet have been named after important people in our lives)

  • Chace Brittany- Current owner of the Fireweed Lodge, wife to Josh Anderson
  • Jeanne Marie- Former owner of the Fireweed Lodge, wife to Bob Anderson
  • Shawna Lynn- Daughter of Bob, Sister to Josh
  • Ella Joy- Granddaughter of Bob
  • Jody Christine- Daughter of Bob, Sister to Josh
  • Kelly Marie- Daughter of Jeanne Marie
  • Bailey Rae- Granddaughter of Jeanne Marie
  • G Joyce- Mother to Bob, Grandmother to Josh
  • Nora Grace- Niece to Chace Brittany
  • Reba Mac- Dedicated to Beloved dog of Jeanne Marie
  • Tre Jo- Dedicated to former guides Trevor Sergent and Joji Oliver who passed on too soon