Alaska Halibut Fishing

In Alaska, there is no fish that put a strain in an angler's muscles like the Pacific Alaska Halibut!

Southeast Alaska halibut fishing trips have been practiced for millennia, by ancient native coastal communities and modern day sportsman alike. Alaska halibut is prized for its delicate white flesh and mild flavor. Today, Alaska halibut fishing is popular with anglers for their hard-fighting spirit, spectacular runs and enormous size.

Alaska halibut come in all sizes from the mighty "barn doors" to the smaller "chicken halibut." Halibut inhabit Alaska in the north Pacific, from the Bering Sea to California, in astounding numbers. The largest of female Alaska halibut can lay up to three-million eggs! The abundance of Alaska halibut makes them a favorite for anglers across the globe. Call Fireweed Alaska Fishing Lodge today to catch these mighty fish.