How to get here?

Alaska Airlines and Delta fly into Ketchikan, AK which is a 90 minute flight from Seattle, WA. Ketchikan is our neighboring island with the closest commercial airport. There are three options for traveling to Prince of Wales; first is Island Air- a 30 minute flight in a cessna caravan that lands you right in Klawock, 10 minutes from the lodge. For our Ocean fishing guests, Chace (Owner) will schedule this flight for you. The cost of air travel will be added to your overall bill. Another option is Chace arranging a private float plane charter, for this you would be booking the whole aircraft. A beaver fits up to 5 people with baggage, and an otter up to 8 people with baggage. This will be at any time you need it (dependent on availability). The last option is the Inner-Island Ferry- a 3 hour scenic ride that comes to the island once a day, departing Ketchikan at 3:30pm and departing Hollis at 8am. This is an additional 40 minute drive to Fireweed Lodge. If you choose to ferry, you will book your own reservations.

How do I book my Island Air Flight?

As a courtesy of Fireweed Lodge, we book your final flight for you. Due to many lodges getting their guests on and off the island, we have found that it makes for smooth travels and less hiccups.

If you’re this far along in your booking with us, I’m sure you have spoken with one of our Owners, Chace & Josh Anderson. Once you have booked your flight to Ketchikan, AK be sure to send that information over to canderson@fireweedlodge.com

When's the BEST fishing/when should I come?

We love this question and helping you decide what time to come is best for you!

Early June-Mid July is the absolute best time to catch a King Salmon. Although; King Salmon are still around in Late July- Early August they become few and far between.

Mid-July-August- the Coho Salmon (Silvers) are showing up and sticking around before heading up river.

If you would like more information on this click here (link to Fishing Calendar)

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

Yes, the boats have a porta potty underneath the bench seat in the main cabin.

How to get my fish home?

Your fish will stay frozen/cold for 24 hours in our boxes. When you arrive home and your fish has begun to thaw, do not worry, as long as your fish is still cold you are still safe to place it in your freezer.

If you are flying with Island Air: Our crew will take your boxes to the airport the morning before you leave and your boxes will meet you in Ketchikan, AK. When you arrive in Ketchikan, your boxes will be pulled out of the freezer 2 hours before you arrive. You’ll need to grab your box and check it in with your other luggage.

If you are ferrying: Your fish will come with you to the ferry and you will place it on the luggage cart with your other luggage. Unfortunately, there is no freezer on the ferry.

Do you serve alcohol?

Klawock is a damp village, meaning they have a liquor store but no businesses are able to obtain a liquor license. You may bring alcohol yourself or purchase it at the local liquor store to enjoy anywhere on our property or on the boat. We have vehicles at the lodge as a courtesy, you are more than welcome to take one, the liquor store is 2 minutes from our lodge.

Does Verizon have cell service in Klawock?

Unfortunately, Verizon discontinued their service to Prince of Wales in 2022. We do have Wi-Fi and we suggest calling your provider to set up Wi-Fi calling before you leave on your trip. It’s quick and easy!

We do have cell service for AT&T and any companies using those towers.

What’s not included in the price?

Fishing License and King Stamp (3 day non-resident $60) (2024 pricing)
Island Air Express Fair
Tax (6.5%)
Gratuities (Suggested 15% of the package price)

Can I get fish smoked/canned?

Yes, we have a smoker facility on the property, run by Wildfish. You can check out their website here https://wildfishcannery.com for more information or please give us a call and we are happy to answer any questions.

Do you provide rain gear?

Yes, we have a fully outfitted rain gear room with pants, coats, and boots. All fully waterproof and windproof. We have sizes that range XXS-3XL and shoe sizing from Mens 5-14.

What should I pack?

Sun glasses
Swim suit
Bug Spray
Base-layer and mid-layer clothing
Warm socks
Fishy Attitude

Do you have a Gift Shop?

Yes, we have a boutique fully outfitted for you to bring home gifts and get yourself something too!

I have dietary restrictions, can you cater to this?

Yes, please give us advance notice so we are fully prepared!