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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Fireweed Lodge is located directly in the middle of the path along which millions of migratory Alaska Salmon return to streams and rivers in Alaska, Canada and the Lower 48. These salmon feed and mature in the pristine waters surrounding Fireweed Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge and are ocean bright healthy predators.

We provide our guests with a "hands-on" Alaska salmon fishing experience. We use mooching techniques to target fish at all depths along the water column as they rip into massive bait balls to devour their next meal. This makes it possible to catch Alaska Silver Salmon and Alaska King Salmon. This fishing technique also allows us to catch Rockfish, Lingcod and Alaska Halibut. These delicious fish are caught as they take advantage of the feast. Mooching allows each angler to hold his own fishing rod and multiple hookups are common. There is no need to wait your turn, or deal with the constant reeling in of lines.


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Rod-Bending, Line-Stripping Alaska King Salmon Fishing

At Fireweed Lodge in Alaska, we take our salmon fishing seriously. Salmon fishing in this region is a non-stop affair, with healthy runs of fish bending rods and stripping line throughout the season. We offer King Salmon Fishing, Silver Salmon Fishing, Red Salmon Fishing, Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon. All 5 species of Salmon migrate through the waters surrounding the Fireweed Alaska Fishing Lodge on an annual basis. At Fireweed Lodge, your Alaska fishing adventure will target, halibut, silver and king salmon. Depending on the time of year, guests can target multiple species in a single day of fishing.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing

Southeast Alaska King Salmon fishing heats up in May as bright feeder Alaska King Salmon enter the waters surrounding our Alaska Fishing Lodge. June is our peak month and limits are secured on almost a daily basis. King Salmon can still be targeted in August, just as the Alaska Silver Salmon season is at its pinnacle. The average size king salmon caught on our Alaska salmon fishing trips ranges from 26lbs to 30lbs. Guests commonly catch lunker king salmon in the 40 to 50-pound range and every year some lucky guests tangle with a "monster king salmon," in the 70-plus pound range!

The king salmon run overlaps the start of the silver salmon run in late June to take advantage of the abundance of food. The silvers caught on our Alaska salmon fishing charters this time of year average eight pounds. Anglers soon discover the voracious feeding habits of silver salmon when the feel the sturdy hit on the end of their line. The ravenous appetites of silver salmon cause them to gain up to a pound in weight per week! When August rolls around silver salmon caught average 12lbs to14lbs, with some trophy fish topping the 20lbs Mark.